How to make a Free List of Weight Watcher Points

By Contributor

A free weight watchers points list provides ways to construct plans for meals in accordance to your diet plan.

First download a free weight watchers points list value system chart for reference.

Write down specific food categories list and their respective points value according to portion.

Indicate on chart total number of free food points allowed daily. Plan your weight watchers meal lists and snacks based on this total.

Divide your total by 6 to allow for three small meals and three snacks. Eating several small meals a day is recommended for controlling metabolism.

Calculate how many free points are allowed for each meal and a lesser amount for each snack. List your meals trying to achieve a balance from all food groups for nutritional purposes and include a large portion of proteins and vitamins in your weight watchers meals.


List other daily allowances besides points values such as calories, fat content, etc. Break weight watchers food groups into ingredients to figure point totals for free recipes.

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