How to Calculate Weight Watchers Points

You can calculate the Weight Watchers point value for food items or meals if you know the formula and know where to look. Follow these steps.

Calculate the Point Value Yourself

Look at the food item's packaging or lable for nutrional values. Divide the calories by 50.

Divide the total fat grams by 12.

Add the values from Steps One and Two to get the value of "X."

Divide the dietary fiber grams by 5 to equal "Y."

Take "X minus Y" to find the point value of the food item. Round up values higher than .5 and round down for values lower than .5.

Determine the Point Value with the Weight Watchers Calculator

Purchase s Weight Watchers calculator from their website.

Push the "compute food" button.

At the prompt, enter the calories, the fat and the fiber amounts for the food item. Push "Enter" after each entry.

The calculator will give you the point value and you can choose to subtract that amount from your daily allotted points by pushing "Enter" again at the end.


Refer to the Weight Watchers books, "The Complete Food Companion" and "The Dining Out Companion," to find point values of common foods (this is especially useful when eating fruits and vegetables or anything without a label) and restaurant dishes. Visit the Weight Watchers website to find values for foods. You also can input and track the values of food items not listed in the Weight Watchers database. You can do this when you subscribe to Weight Watchers eTools, attend the organization's meetings or become an online member of Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers also makes snacks and meals with point values listed on the front of the package.