Magic Swizzle Directions

Magic Swizzle is the name for a mouthwash sometimes prescribed by doctors for throat and mouth conditions. According to the University of Tennessee Medplex Clinic, Magic Swizzle is a mixture of equal parts diphenhydramine 2.5 mg/ml elixir, Maalox Plus and lidocaine viscous 123. Each ingredient plays a specific role in either treatment of the problem or alleviation of the discomfort from the condition. As with any medication, dosages differ from person to person, but the same guidelines must be followed at all times.

Read the prescription label on the bottle to determine the recommended amount of mouthwash to use.

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Measure the recommended dosage and pour it in your mouth. Swish and gargle the liquid in your mouth for 30 seconds, or until the pain goes away, and spit it out. If the prescription recommends the mouthwash to be swallowed because of a sore throat, however, then follow the directions of the prescription.

Refrain from eating for at least an hour after using the mouthwash. Lidocaine viscous -- the numbing medication in the mouthwash-- can make it difficult to swallow or chew, according to Medline Plus 3.

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Take another dose of the mouthwash after the recommended amount of time, as stated by your particular prescription. Follow the same process each time you use the mouthwash.


Never exceed the recommended dosage. Do not use Magic Swizzle if you have any open wounds in your mouth. See a doctor immediately if you experience rashes, swelling, difficulty breathing, heart discomfort, seizures or blurred vision. All of these are signs of an allergic reaction.