List of Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins play an important role in fetal development and infant health. Many mothers are deficient in key vitamins and minerals needed for neurological, muscular and skeletal development in their children. Though they can try to make up these deficiencies by changing their diets, the short time frame available for boosting their nutrient levels makes prescription prenatal vitamins an option that many mothers prefer for its speed and convenience.


DuetDHA is a prescription prenatal vitamin manufactured by Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals. The vitamin is designed to provide DHA, folic acid and iron in pregnancy appropriate doses along with the other key vitamins and minerals needed for daily health. The formulation of DuetDHA, according to, includes purified fish oils and a form of iron that is gentle on the stomach. The vitamin is also designed to be a gluten free product.


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PreNexa is a prescription prenatal vitamin manufactured in Minnesota by Upsher-Smith Laboratories. According to the supplement's information page at, the vitamin contains DHA, folic acid and vitamin B6. The supplement's differentiating factor in the market place is that it is a wholly plant-based supplement, choosing to source its DHA from microalgaes rather than cold water fatty fish.


Prenate is a line of prescription strength prenatal vitamins that comes in multiple formulations. It is available as Prenate Essential, Prenate Elite and Prenate DHA. Each targets overall wellness of the mother, with shifts in formulation to address iron deficiencies in Prenate Essential and fatty acid needs in Prenate DHA. Prenate Elite is designed to be a more all-around vitamin for women during pregnancy and after they have given birth to help them rebuild their body's nutrient levels. Dr. Spock notes that Prenate products have been certified as kosher.


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Another prescription prenatal vitamin that is certified kosher, according to Dr. Spock is NataChew. This prenatal vitamin also differs from the rest by being a chewable vitamin, as some pregnant women find pills difficult to handle. The medication has a berry flavor, and according to, it is targeted at women with dietary deficiencies and low iron levels. The vitamins do contain 1000 mg of vitamin A, which should be monitored with other vitamin A intake levels to prevent an overdose. NataChew is designed to be taken once daily.