Taking Vitamins With Fluoxetine

Fluoxetine, often sold under the brand name Prozac, is an antidepressant medication commonly prescribed for depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder 1. Although the medication can be beneficial to those with these and other mental conditions, it also can cause serious side effects and react negatively with other medications and supplements. While more research is needed, folic acid may increase the effectiveness of fluoxetine in some people 1. Taking vitamins with fluoxetine is not likely to cause a negative interaction, but there may be a few exceptions 1. Always talk to your doctor before taking vitamins with fluoxetine 1.

Notify your doctor of your desire to begin taking vitamin supplements. Ask if there are certain vitamins you should avoid or limit, based on your current fluoxetine prescription 1. Always get permission from your doctor before taking any new vitamin supplement.

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Purchase the vitamin supplements based on your doctor’s recommendation. Check the label on the vitamins to ensure the amount of the vitamins in the supplement matches the amount your doctor told you to take.

Plan your dosing schedule. Decide if it would be easier for you to take your vitamin supplement at the same time as a dose of fluoxetine or at a separate time of the day 1. Although this is usually just a personal preference, consider asking your doctor for his recommendation.

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Begin taking the vitamin supplements as directed by your doctor. Most vitamin supplements are taken with water, but this may vary depending on the specific brand and type of vitamin supplement. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if there are any parts of the directions you do not understand.

Monitor your body for mental or physical reactions after you begin taking the supplements. If you notice any unusual side effects, contact your doctor for advice.


Vitamin supplements should not replace a nutritious diet.

Getting as many essential nutrients from food is usually preferable to getting them through supplements. You may not need to take vitamin supplements if you are already consuming a balanced diet. Ask your doctor for more information.


Fluoxetine, taken with or without vitamin supplement, may increase the risk of suicide, especially in those under 24 years of age. Report any suicidal thoughts to a mental health professional immediately.

Fluoxetine can cause a number of serious side effects, including fever, hives, rash, joint pain, difficultly breathing, swelling, hallucinations or seizures. Seek immediate medical attention for any of these symptoms. Notify the health care provider you see of your fluoxetine prescription as well as the vitamin supplements you are currently taking.