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Flintstone Vitamins Side Effects

Your children probably love Flintstone vitamins because of their shapes, colors and easy-to-chew pieces. Before you make Flintstone vitamins a daily staple, however, make sure you know about any potential side effects the vitamins may have. Even when taken properly, these vitamins can have some side effects. One drawback is that these vitamins look like candy. If a child overdoses on the vitamins or takes them in combination with certain other medicines, more serious side effects can occur.

Side Effects

According to and, Flintstones vitamins can cause minor side effects even when taken properly. These side effects include stomach pain, upset stomach, tooth staining, headache and an unusual taste in the mouth. If the child experiences these or other side effects, discontinue use of the vitamin. Report unusual side effects to the Food and Drug Administration.

  • According to and, Flintstones vitamins can cause minor side effects even when taken properly.

Overdose Effects

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Follow all dosage guidelines on the Flintstones vitamin package carefully, and keep the package out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental overdose. Multivitamin overdose can lead to serious and life-threatening side effects, including severe stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, severe headaches, blood in urine, coughing up blood, increased heart rate and seizure. Seek medical attention immediately if you or a family member has overdosed on Flinstones multivitamins.

Bad Interactions

Multivitamins can interact adversely with other multivitamins, as well as certain medicines. Do not give other multivitamins at the same time as you give a Flintstones multivitamin. Flintstones vitamins can have adverse reactions with medicines such as diuretics, heart or blood pressure medicines, anticoagulants and hydantoins.