Dr. Oz Vitamin Recommendations

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Dr. Mehmet Oz often airs audience participation segments on his daily health talk show, "The Dr. Oz Show," in order to educate the public on health issues. In a segment on vitamin supplements, with the help of an audience member, Dr. Oz demonstrated the large quantity of food you would need to eat each day in order to get the optimum amount of vitamins solely from food. In addition to eating a healthy diet, Dr. Oz recommends a combination of three vitamin supplements: a multivitamin, an extra vitamin D supplement and an omega-3 fatty acid supplement.

Vitamin Checklist

Dr. Oz clarifies the vitamins he wants you to take on his “Critical Vitamin Checklist.” He recommends vitamin A for vision and skin, vitamin B for metabolism, vitamin C to sustain the immune system, vitamin D for both the immune system and bone health and vitamin E for muscle health and brain function. Multivitamin supplements will have all of the vitamins recommended by Dr. Oz.

Vitamin D

Dr. Oz recommends additional vitamin D. He advises that it could be even more important to the immune system than vitamin C. Vitamin D also works to promote calcium absorption into the bones and reduce inflammation throughout the body. A daily dose of at least 400 IU, but up to 1,000 IU, is recommended to receive all the benefits of vitamin D supplementation.


Omega-3 fatty acids are not vitamins, but they are good fats that help boost brain function and lower the levels of bad cholesterol circulating in your blood. Omega-3 fatty acids also help increase lubrication and decrease inflammation of the joints. This powerful fatty acid also helps clear skin of acne and enhances fertility in both men and women. Since supplements are typically derived from fish oil, they commonly contain vitamin E as a stabilizer. Dr. Oz encourages you to check the label to see if the supplement you have chosen is safe to store at room temperature or if it requires refrigeration.


Dr. Oz want his viewers to take multivitamins every day, just not all at once. He advises breaking a multivitamin in half and taking one-half in the morning and the other half in the evening. This has two benefits. Smaller doses lessen the chance of upset stomach associated with vitamins. A smaller dose also helps the body absorb the vitamins more completely before they pass through the digestive track. Large vitamins may be broken in half with your hands. Pill splitters are available at your pharmacy for splitting smaller vitamins.

Daily Costs

Dr. Oz lets his viewers know that you do not need to purchase the most expensive supplements in order to get all of their health benefits. He breaks down the daily cost of vitamin supplements. The average drugstore brand multivitamin cost just 8 cents per day. A vitamin D supplement costs 6 cents per day. Omega-3 fatty acid supplements are a bit more expensive, averaging 36 cents per day, as these come from fish. For a total of 50 cents per day, you can ensure a sufficient intake of all Dr. Oz’s recommended vitamins.