How to Tape a Broken Foot

The human foot contains 26 bones. Along with those bones, the foot contains a large network of ligaments, tendons, nerves and blood vessels. The complex structure of your foot can leave it susceptible to injury. A broken foot can occur as the result of a direct blow, overuse, severe twists or a heavy dropped object. The treatment for a broken foot largely depends on the severity of the fracture, but can include immobilization or surgery. Athletic taping of the foot is not a substitute for medical care. However, taping can help support the foot as you return to athletics or exercise following your injury.

Prepare the foot and ankle to be taped by washing them with antibacterial soap. To provide adequate support to your rear foot, you include the ankle in the taping. Consider shaving the affected area to prevent athletic tape from sticking to your hair. Dry your foot and ankle completely with a towel.

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Position the foot to be taped in a neutral position. Your heel should be resting on a table or chair with your toes pointing toward the ceiling.

Apply two 2 inch-by-2 inch pieces of dressing to your ankle. Apply one to the front and the other to the back of your ankle near your heal. Spray a light coat of adhesive spray to keep these pieces from moving.

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Wrap the pre-wrap around your foot and ankle 1. Pre-wrap is designed to serve as an added layer of protection, and it also prevents the athletic tape from sticking to your foot and ankle. Apply the pre-wrap beginning at the top of your ankle in a figure-eight fashion. Continue to apply the pre-wrap until you have covered the area up to the ball of your foot.

Apply two anchors of athletic tape over your pre-wrap. Apply one piece of athletic tape around the top of your ankle. Then apply a second strip of athletic tape, but this piece of tape should make a "U." Start at one side of your ankle, bring the tape down around your heal and up the opposite side of your foot to your ankle. For added support, make up to three "U"s.

Apply a layer of athletic tape in a circular motion around your ankle to the top of your foot 1. Apply a second layer of tape in a circular motion.

Apply adhesive spray or tape to the ends of your athletic taping to help secure the tape.

Apply a few pieces of tape to the heel for added support.


If pain persists even with athletic taping, discontinue physical activity and contact your doctor.