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How to Stop a Cold Sore From Coming

Cold sores are a recurring condition consisting of tiny, raised blistered on the skin that are filled with fluid. Typically occurring around the mouth area, they occasionally occur in the nose, chin, fingers or even inside the mouth. The telltale signs a cold sore is about to appear is a tingling sensation in the affected area. Also referred to as fever blisters, they cause pain and discomfort, eventually breaking open and crusting over. Following useful tips can help prevent cold sores before they occur.

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Apply a few drops of pure tea tree oil to the affected area the moment you feel a tingling sensation. This home remedy can help prevent the cold sore from becoming full blown.

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Apply a topical cold sore medication, or inject an oral cold sore medication 4. Healthcenter.ucdavis advises taking these medications at the first sign of a cold sore. These types of treatments are found to be the most effective in preventing cold sores from fully manifesting.

Refrain from touching the area of tingling when you feel a cold sore coming on. Be sure to wash your hands frequently to keep them clean as a further safety precaution.


Limit stress if possible. Stressful conditions such as the flu and the common cold can contribute to cold sores. Not getting enough rest may also be a contributing factor. Avoid consumption of acidic foods such as tomatoes, lemons and oranges during a cold sore. Also avoid eating salty foods as these cause irritating and stinging. Apply a warm or a cold compress to your cold sore to help ease pain and irritation. Refrain from squeezing, pinching or picking at your cold sores. This will only aggravate them more.

Avoid sharing dishes or utensils with others when cold sores are present. Also avoid sharing food and towels with others during this time. Never share makeup, particularly, lipstick or lip balm with others.


Visit your doctor if cold sores have not healed within a two-week time frame, if symptoms become severe or if you experience irritation in your eyes because of cold sores. Be sure to visit your doctor immediately if you have an already existing health relating to your auto immune system.