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How to Make Breasts Grow Faster

Whether you are an A, B or C cup, you may find yourself wanting bigger, firmer breasts. As girls hit puberty, estrogen levels rise causing reproductive organs to begin working. With this comes breast growth. **Your breast size is determined by genetics and does not always occur as you would like it to 3. There are a few steps to help increase breast growth by simply keeping your breasts healthy and fit to prevent sagging, which causes breasts to appear smaller. Consult your physician before attempting herbal or holistic treatments for breast growth.

Brew a tea of fennel seeds to promote breast tissue growth. According to "The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook" fennel is a natural plant estrogen used to promote breast growth; however, you should never use fennel-based oil on your breasts, and pregnant women should steer clear of fennel as it can promote miscarriage. Do not use more than 1 tsp. of fennel seeds once daily.

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Visit your plastic surgeon for breast enhancement injections containing stabilized hyalauronic acid 1. According to the United Kingdom's Times Online, seven years of research have proven that these injection actually firm and fill out your breasts without surgical invasion. Maintenance injections are required to prevent your breasts from sagging and shrinking back to preinjection size.

Massage your breasts with a salve made of wild yam. According to "The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook," the salve is made by shaving off the outer bark of the plant and placing the inside into a blender. Thoroughly puree the wild yam and massage into your breasts. Although containing a lower concentration of estrogens, wild yam has been studied in breast cancer research.

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Ingest 1 to 2 g of saw palmetto, sold at your local health food store in supplement form. According to "The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook," saw palmetto was originally touted for its ability to treat men's prostate illness; however, it showed promising results when used for breast enlargement in women.

Add cumin spice to your favorite dishes or teas to boost flavor and help increase mammary glands within your breasts, suggest "The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook." Laboratory tests have shown that mammals may increase in breast size through cumin use, although human studies have not yet been documented.