Ways to Naturally Stimulate Breast Growth

Many women desire larger, fuller breasts, but surgical breast enhancement techniques can be painful or prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, several natural techniques can increase breast size. Although these methods vary in their safety and effectiveness, they are all inexpensive and available without a prescription. Consult your health-care provider before using any home remedy to enhance your breast size. Note that, according to Mayo Clinic's Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, many breast-enhancing supplements can theoretically increase the risk of breast cancer.

Gain Weight

Human breasts are composed almost entirely of fat, and they tend to shrink after a woman experiences weight loss. If you are underweight, talk to your physician or dietitian about natural techniques for gaining weight. Eat a diet rich in healthy, high-calorie foods like olive oil, walnuts, peanuts and reduced-fat cheese. Weight gain will almost inevitably cause an increase in breast size.

High-soy Diet

Soy is rich in estrogen-like compounds known as isoflavones, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health. The NIH regards soy as a theoretical and unproven method for increasing breast size. In theory, minimally processed soy foods can cause an increase in levels of the breast-boosting hormone estrogen. Eat a diet rich in tofu, tempeh, edamame and soy milk to improve your breast size, but note that heavily processed soy "burgers" and "cheese" contain little of the plant's estrogen-boosting compounds.

Herbal Supplements

Several herbal supplements are touted as natural breast enhancers, but Mayo Clinic's Pruthi questions the safety and effectiveness of these compounds. The National Institutes of Health states that licorice, one of the most popular herbal breast enlargers, contains compounds that elevate levels of the lactation-related hormones estrogen and prolactin. Red clover is a source of isoflavones similar to those found in soy, and blessed thistle has been used for centuries as a breast enlarger and lactation stimulant. Consult your health care provider before using any of these products, particularly if you have a medical condition or a family history of breast cancer.

Essential Oils

When applied directly to the skin, certain essential oils may help to stimulate breast growth. A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology determined that fennel and anise oils share a potent estrogen-boosting compound known as anethole. Herbs containing anethole are traditionally brewed as a tea or taken internally to stimulate breast development in lactating mothers. Kelly Bonyata, a renowned lactation consultant, advises nursing mothers to stimulate lactation by applying diluted fennel oil directly to the breasts. Consider applying one or both oils to your chest daily, but consult your physician about the possible risks if you have a family history of breast cancer.