Herbs with Massage & Exercise to Stimulate Breast Growth

Breast size is mostly set and determined by genetics, although pharmaceutical estrogen-based drugs such as birth control may enlarge breasts. There are no scientifically-proven herbs, massage techniques or exercises to increase breast size, though there are several herbs that affect estrogen levels and therefore, in theory, may increase the size of breast tissue. When these herbs are coupled with traditional Taoist massage techniques and the building of the pectoral muscles underneath the breasts, the size of the breasts may appear larger. Check with your doctor before adding any herb to your regimen.

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In theory, the herb licorice may help to stimulate breast growth. According to the National Institutes of Health, licorice seems to raise bodily amounts of the hormone estrogen when it is ingested. Estrogen is associated with female sexual characteristics such as breast tissue and menstruation.

Although licorice dosages for breast growth have not been studied, the National Institutes of Health recommends 1mL of licorice extract three times a day for an upset stomach. Licorice should not be taken by those suffering from low blood sugar.


Fennel is another herb that could feasibly increase breast size. In a 1980 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, researchers noted that fennel has been used as an estrogenic agent by multiple civilizations; it was believed to increase breast milk secretion, promote menstruation, and facilitate birth 2. Since it appears to affect estrogen in ways similar to licorice, fennel may also stimulate the growth of breast tissue.

As a supplement, fennel is taken as a tea. In "Prescription for Herbal Healing," Phyllis Balch notes the tea can be consumed daily, but not for more than two weeks 4. Fennel should be used only in moderation by diabetics due to its sugar content and avoided by pregnant women, as it increases estrogen levels.


Anise may also possibly help in stimulating breast growth. According to the same 1980 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, anise has also been used to increase estrogen for hundreds of years 2. It is anise oil that is considered to have estrogenic effects, but other active agents include the polymers of anethole.

Anise is also used as a supplement in tea form, and can be taken daily. Do not take it if you are suffering from an inflammatory skin condition, as it stimulates the body to secrete fluids. Anise should also be avoided by pregnant women.


A Taoist massage technique outlined in the book, "Beauty by Nature," by Brigitte Mars, may feasibly stimulate breast tissue growth 1. Mars instructs her readers to massage the breasts in an inward circular motion thirty-six times upon waking and at bedtime to increase breast size.

Ingesting licorice, fennel or anise and performing the massage technique noted above may, in theory, help breasts to appear larger.


Although there are no exercises proven to increase breast size, the pectoral muscles underneath the breast can be developed, according to "The Teenage Body Book." Chest presses with weights can build these muscles, as well as bench presses.

Using these exercise techniques while taking licorice, fennel or anise may feasibly make your breasts look larger than they would if you simply took the herbs. However, this is not due to actual breast tissue growth from the exercises, but rather from enlarged pectoral muscles.