How to Trigger Female Hormones in Males

If you’re interested in increasing your female characteristics, consider taking hormones. Sometimes used by transsexuals, these hormones can help block testosterone, grow breasts, change your voice and make your body shape look more feminine. If you’ve decided that this therapy is right for you, take estrogen, progesterone and androgen blockers to help with your transformation. Some of these hormones already exist naturally in men, but taking additional amounts can increase your feminine characteristics.

Increase female characteristics with estrogen, the basic female hormone 1. Produced in a woman’s ovaries, estrogen will help enlarge your breasts and broaden your hips and pelvis. Several types of estrogen exist. Try conjugated estrogen (Premarin), estradiol valerates (synthetic copies of natural estrogen from vegetables) or phytoestrogen, which comes from plants.

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Take progesterone along with estrogen. Used to prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy and pregnancy maintenance, progesterone — along with estrogen — could help breast development. You could try a synthetic form of progesterone, such as Duphaston or Provera. Non-synthetic options exist as well.

Block the effects of testosterone with an anti-androgen drug. Take Spironolactone or Finasteride to block the effects of testosterone. If you’ve already had an operation to remove your testes, you might not find these drugs necessary, as the testes produce large amounts of testosterone in men.


Budget approximately $100 a month for your hormones. Trans Gender Care says to expect changes from female hormones to occur in about six to eight weeks. You should first notice voice changes and the beginning of breast development. Expect the rest of the changes to occur within six to 24 months, though it could take longer.


Discuss any medical treatments of hormone therapies with your doctor before trying them. He or she can give you more information on the possibility of side effects and whether or not these hormones are appropriate for you. Some of the effects of ingesting female hormones are irreversible. If you begin to grow breasts while taking hormones, you might experience some breast pain. While synthetic hormones might be cheaper, they do have more known side effects.