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How to Hide the Stretch Marks in a Bathing Suit

After having a baby or experiencing rapid weight gain, you may have stretch marks that only add to the reasons you hate wearing a swimsuit. Whether you're headed to the beach or the pool, stretch marks can make you feel self conscious when baring the skin around your hips, bottom, midsection and chest. Luckily the right kind of swimwear can help hide your stretch marks so you can gain more confidence and hit the sand and sun without embarrassment.

Choose a swimsuit that comes in separate pieces, so you can mix your favorite top with shorts or a skirt, rather than a smaller bikini bottom. If you suffer from stretch marks on your butt and thighs, shorts or a swim skirt will give you the coverage that you need without resorting to a one-piece suit. It also allows you to purchase the top and bottom in different sizes for the best fit possible.

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Look for a swimsuit top that covers your midriff to hide your stretch marks. A tankini is the ideal combination of a two-piece suit that is sexy yet covers your midriff. The top and bottom of a tankini can also be purchased in different sizes, and the top can be worn with shorts, depending on your preferences and comfort level.

Choose a one-piece bathing suit when you want coverage with structure. Look for a slimming suit that uses ruching and draping to hide problem areas around the stomach. A monokini, which is a one piece bathing suit with small side cutouts, may also hide stretch marks on your belly.

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Invest in a good quality swim wrap, pair of board shorts or rash guard to wear when you're not swimming. If you're only sunning yourself on the shore or deck, you can easily wear an item to help cover you up and still allow you to look fashionable. Cover ups also help to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Just choose one made of a light, breathable material.

Look for swimwear with a busy pattern, suggests "Glamour" magazine. When you have flaws like stretch marks, a solid-color swimsuit can seem a stark contrast to your stretch mark-ridden thighs, butt and stomach. A busy suit draws the eye away from your flaws so your stretch marks are hidden with a busy pattern. Just remember to choose a pattern in proportion to your size; a smaller woman should wear a smaller pattern, while a plus-sized woman can choose a larger pattern.