Things to Wear With a Purple Polo

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You don’t have to be a professional polo player to love the look of polo shirts. Originally part of its namesake's uniform, polo shirts have evolved into a staple of modern-casual and business-casual attire. However, even the most fashion savvy can struggle to coordinate a purple polo with an ensemble if they don’t know some basic color and clothing protocol.


The pants you wear with a purple polo shirt should be etiquette appropriate. For example, business-casual attire is most appropriate for casual professional environments and includes khakis, chinos and slacks for men, while a woman may also wear skirts or pants with her polo. Jeans are most appropriate for casual and some dressy-casual attire. Your purple polo will look best when worn with pants or skirts in neutral colors such as black, gray and white or near-neutrals such as beige, tan and brown.


Shorts and short pants are most appropriate for casual attire and for outdoor activities such as golf and tennis. While cargo shorts, Bermuda shorts, clam diggers, skorts and capris can all be worn appropriately in neutral colors, casual attire also affords you the opportunity to brighten your outfit with yellow, which is purple’s natural color complement. Keep in mind that golf courses and private tennis clubs usually have dress codes; golf and tennis shorts are most suitable for such venues.


Your choice in footwear should also demonstrate knowledge of attire etiquette. Men’s business casual shoes include leather dress shoes or dressy loafers, while women may wear either low or high heels or dressy slip-ons. Suitable casual footwear includes casual loafers, driving shoes, boat shoes, sandals and sneakers, which can all be worn in neutrals, near-neutrals, purple or yellow.


Accessories for your purple polo might include scarves, hats, jewelry, vests, blazers or sport coats. Purple and yellow are vibrant colors and may appear too jarring when worn together in sharply contrasting shades. The solution is to use variations of yellow hues in your accessories. Include light-shaded items such as a lemon-chiffon scarf or a straw-colored hat. Another option is pairing your purple polo with more darkly tinted accent pieces like a goldenrod vest or amber blazer.