How Can an Overweight Teen Dress Fashionably?

Looking just right is of unbelievable importance to many teens. Eager to blend in with the well-dressed masses, they often dedicate much attention to selecting and wearing fashionable clothes. For overweight teens, picking out fashionable options presents a more formidable challenge. They must not only stay on top of fashion trends, but also remain cognizant of what looks good on their bodies. If you are parenting a teen who faces this challenge, help her out by giving her some fashion tips.

Find Friendly Stores

Not all stores cater to the needs of overweight teens. Help your teen by hunting for stores that offer a selection of fashionable options for plus-sized teens. “Seventeen” magazine recommends that curvy teens who want to stay trendy check out stores such as Maurices, Old Navy and Torrid 3. Also explore online options. To avoid frustrating your teen, direct her to stores and online venues that offer bigger sizes instead of ones you know don’t offer the selection she seeks.

Pick the Right Size

One of the worst fashion crimes a big teen can commit is trying to squeeze into clothing that is too tight or trying to hide in the billows of clothing that are too large. Encourage your teen to pick clothes that hug in just the right places, recommends Anansa Sims, a plus-sized model, for 1. When helping her pick clothes, comment on the fit, suggesting that she go up or down sizes as necessary and reminding her that the number on the tag doesn’t matter, but the way it fits her body does.

Don’t Underestimate Undergarments

Wearing the proper undergarments is important for all teens -- particularly plus-sized ones. Many of the styles that might not look flattering on your overweight teen generally will look lovely if she first slips on foundation garments. Buy some shapewear for your teen from a high-quality lingerie store. While she might initially be resistant to these pieces, she might come around when she sees how nice they make her favorite fashions look on her body.


While finding fashionable clothes sized for her body might be difficult, getting accessories that fit is easy. If your teen is frustrated with her never-ending quest for fashionable garments, suggest she step into the accessories section and check out the options there. A snazzy pair of fashionable sunglasses, attention-getting statement necklace or pair of hip and trendy shoes can help her transform an otherwise bland outfit to a brilliant one.