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How to Donate Medical Supplies in NYC

Charitable organizations in and around New York City are always looking for donations. While there is often an overage of blood donations, non-profit organizations often have too few medical supplies. These items are used to help the homeless as well as individuals who cannot afford medical treatment. Many donated supplies are also taken by New York City doctors to third world and war-torn nations.

Contact the American Medical Resource Foundation. The AMRF is a nationwide organization with drop-off locations found in Manhattan. They will inspect and even repair medical supplies (if necessary). To contact the AMRF and find the donation center closest to you, call 508-580-3301.

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Drop your medical supplies off at World Vision – New York. Located in the South Bronx, World Vision uses donated items to help the local area. Smaller items, such as latex gloves, bandages or reusable casts are requested.

Contact the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. JDC travels around the world offering aid to countries afflicted by natural disasters or combat. Any and all medical supplies are welcome as long as the supplies are in working condition and have been inspected.

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Donate used eyeglasses and sunglasses to the Lions Club. One of the many organizations listed by the Mayor's Volunteer Center of New York City, Lions Club distributes these glasses to needy persons around the world. The MVC of New York asks that you donate these items by mailing them to the Lions Club recycling center found in New Jersey. The address is: NEW JERSEY LIONS EYEGLASS RECYCLING CENTER New Jersey Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center, Inc. c/o The Katzenbach School for the Deaf 320 Sullivan Way West Trenton, NJ 08628

You can also contact the Lions Club by phoning 609-530-3485.

Contact the American Red Cross in Greater New York. The Red Cross uses donated medical supplies throughout all five boroughs of New York City. The need for supplies changes with every situation. The best way to know what specific donations the Red Cross is looking for is to call them at 1-877-RED-CROSS. When asking about donations, indicate that you are looking to give specifically to the American Red Cross in Greater New York.


Always contact an organization before offering a donation. As natural disasters and armed conflicts occur throughout the world, the need for specific supplies changes.