What to Do With Unused Contact Lenses?

If your eye prescription has changed, or if you’ve moved from one type of lens to another or to glasses, you might have some unused contact lenses sitting around. Rather than throwing them out, there are several ways to donate your old lenses or to trade them in for credit at your optician’s office. If you donate or return lenses, make sure the packaging is intact and has not been damaged or opened. The prescription information should also be clearly marked on the package.


Goodwill shops, Lions Clubs, Lenscrafters, New Eyes for the Needy and the Madre organizaton's Helping Hands campaign will all accept unused contact lenses 12. These organizations will give your unused lenses to someone in need. You can drop off lenses at any Goodwill or Lenscrafters locations, mail them to or drop them off at your local Lions Club or send them to the following organizations:

New Eyes for the Needy 549 Millburn Ave., P.O [1](https://new-eyes.org/ 'inline-reference::New Eyes for the Needy'). Box 332 Short Hills, NJ 07078 (973) 376-4903


Madre's Helping Hands campaign 121 West 27th St., #301, New York, NY 10001 (212) 627-0444

These groups will issue a receipt for your lenses so that you can claim your charitable donation for tax purposes.


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You can also take unused lenses back to your optometrist. Many eye doctors will issue a credit for your old lenses that can be used toward the purchase of new glasses or contact lenses 1.


If your unused lenses have been opened and can’t be donated, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends disposing of them by sealing them in a zip-top bag and throwing them in the trash. Don’t flush contact lenses down the toilet or rinse them down the sink.