How to Find Out My Glasses Prescription

When an eye doctor examines your eyes, she charts in your records a prescription for corrective lenses if you need them. Often, the eye doctor is in a private practice and the designer frames and lenses she offers are too expensive. You can find cheaper eyeglasses at discount stores, optical stores that offer coupons and discounts, through mail-order and online. Getting your prescription from your eye care professional is not a difficult process and may save you hundreds of dollars on prescription eyewear.

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Ask your eye doctor for your prescription when you get your eyes examined. She must provide it to you, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Most professionals understand that many health insurance plans do not cover or offer discounts on eyewear. The place where you decide to get your eyeglasses may have a policy that the prescription be less than three months and up to a year old. This is for your protection because vision can change rapidly in individuals with poor eyesight, medical problems or other circumstances that affect the vision.

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Take your current eyeglasses to a place that dispenses eyeglasses, such as LensCrafters or Pearle Vision. The technician can determine the prescription in your lenses by putting the eyeglasses on a lensometer machine. This is a wise idea only if your vision is clear and your current prescription is working well for you. Some people have vision that changes every year, others never need a new prescription or only every five or 10 years. Follow the recommendations of your eye care professional on whether you need an eye exam.

Send a copy of your prescription to the online optical dispensary. You can also give the optical store of your choice permission to get a copy of your prescription from your eye doctor. This is an excellent way to find cheaper frames and lenses.


It is always a wise idea to carry a copy of your eye glass prescription in your wallet in case of an accident or if you lose them. The prescription allows you to get another pair quickly in an emergency. This is particularly important for those who travel a lot.

Do not throw your eye glasses away once you get a new pair. They will come in handy as a spare pair if you lose or break your regular glasses. Donate old eye glasses to charities, such as the Lion's Club, Give the Gift of Sight or the Unite for Sight organization. (see resource 1)


Don't take chances with your vision. If you experience frequent headaches, eyestrain or other vision problems, have your eye doctor give you an examination.