How to Replace Eyeglass Frames

If you want to wear a new style of eyeglass frames, you can replace the frames of your old glasses without having to purchase new lenses by visiting a prescription eyeglass retailer or ordering a pair off the Internet. Since eyeglass lenses can be expensive, it is important to choose a new frame that will be compatible with your current lenses. If you are simply replacing a broken frame with an identical one, the process is quite easy. However, if you are switching to an entirely new style of frame, there are some steps to keep in mind.

Take a trip to your local eyeglass retailer. A store that crafts lenses on-site is preferable. They can offer customized glasses and have knowledgeable staff on-site that regularly deal with lenses and frames. Make sure to bring your current glasses and a copy of your prescription to the eyeglass store.

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Search online sites that sell eyeglass frames for a frame that is suitable for the style of lenses you have. Since eyeglass frames are relatively cheaper online, you may feel it is worthwhile to purchase a pair of frames online and then take your prescription and your new frames to an eyeglass store where the can cut a pair of lens that will fit with the new frames.

Look for new frames that are smaller or very similar in size to your current frames. If you choose frames that are larger than your current ones, they won't fit because your lenses can only be cut smaller and not made larger. While you may get lucky and find a frame that fits your lenses exactly, it is best to gravitate towards frames that are just slightly smaller than your current ones. That will make adjustments easy.

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Choose plastic frames rather than metal ones. Plastic frames are easier to fit lenses into, making the process quick and less expensive. Metal frames may require the lenses being ground down, possibly involving your lenses being sent to a lab.

Ask staff that work at the store which frames will work best with your current lenses. They can walk you through styles that are easily switched, as well as outline your options when it comes to customizing your lenses in order to make them fit in a new frame.