Dental Plans That Cover Implants

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth; they have a natural look and are often used instead of dentures. Dental implants are typically not covered under most insurance plans; however, according to WebMD, some insurance companies may cover partial costs especially if a medical condition such as loss of a tooth or pain are involved.


Metropolitan Life Insurance (MetLife) has perhaps the most coverage for dental implants ever since it added dental implants as a standard feature on new plans in 2007. Dental implants are covered for employers with graduating dental benefits with 10 or more employees. According to Medical News Today, MetLife added dental implants to plans because the treatment is growing in popularity 1. Some restrictions may apply.


While Aetna dental plans do not cover dental implants in most circumstances, the plans do offer coverage for dental implants that are "integral to medical procedures." Dental implants could be covered in cases where teeth are affected during the removal of a tumor, during neck and head radiation, or because of a jaw fracture.Consult with the insurance company as each situation is different.

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield

In some cases, certain Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield dental plans will cover dental implants. Coverage usually only applies to those who need implants due to medical problems or procedures. Coverage is also specific to each plan. Contact the insurance company to determine if your medical situation warrants coverage.