How to Change the Mode on a Safety 1st Digital Thermometer

Thermometers available on the market today have come a long way from their mercury and glass ancestors. Scores of digital thermometer brands line store aisles. One of those is Safety 1st. Safety 1st digital thermometers have Celsius and Fahrenheit modes that users can switch between as well as some models with oral, underarm, rectal and bath use modes. Changing the mode on a Safety 1st thermometer is a matter of familiarizing yourself with its controls.

Locate the Mode button on your Safety 1st thermometer; look for this button on the top face of the thermometer next to the digital screen that displays the temperature reading.

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Press the button once on a Safety 1st 4-in-1 thermometer to change the mode from Oral to Underarm” Press it again to change the mode to Rectal and again to change it to Bath if you want to find out the temperature of bath water before placing your child in it. Press the button again to change the thermometer’s mode back to Oral.

Change the temperature reading mode from the default Fahrenheit to Celsius by holding down the Power and Mode buttons simultaneously until the readout on the digital screen changes from “degrees F” to “degrees C.”