Safety 1st Ear Thermometer Instructions

Safety 1st manufactures a variety of products for infants and their parents. Part of its product line includes items for child care, including thermometers. Some of its thermometers are designed to obtain temperature readings from the ear canal. Ear thermometers are sometimes used because it is easy to access the ear canal. In addition, this type of thermometer does not require the tip to be held securely in the infant's mouth.

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Remove the protective cap. The Safety 1st ear thermometer does not require a probe cover, and using one may give inaccurate readings.

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Press the "On/Off" button to turn the thermometer on. The thermometer display will run a quick internal test and then show the last temperature taken with the thermometer.

Grab the ear lobe and pull it up and back to straighten the ear canal.

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Insert the thermometer into the ear canal until the tip of the probe has completely sealed the ear canal.

Press the activation button briefly.

Once the "Accu-light" flashes (the thermometer will also emit one long beep), read the temperature from the digital display.


Instructions for other Safety 1st thermometers can be found on the company's website (see Resources).