When to Change Batteries in a Bathroom Scale


Most people have a love/hate relationship with their bathroom scale. It can be a welcome sign of progress, or a painful reminder of that extra cupcake. It can be scary, but the scale is an important part of monitoring your health. However, it can't help you at all if its batteries are dead.

Sometimes if the batteries of a scale are depleted, it will give readings that are totally unreasonable or inconsistent results, while otherwise appearing to function properly 1. If you feel that your scale is reading inaccurately, changing its batteries may help solve this problem 1.

Number Fading

If the numbers on your scale are lighter than usual, it likely means the batteries are low 1. Also, if they ripple more than usual when you step onto the scale, it is because the scale is struggling to support the image 1.


When a scale is low on batteries, the display will seem lagged, and it will take longer to get from 0 up to your weight 1. It will also have a harder time figuring out your exact weight. If the scale is fluctuating between a few numbers, instead of just showing one, it may be time to switch batteries 1.

Won't Power On

The most obvious symptom of a dead battery is if the scale will not turn on at all 1.


This is a list of the most common scale malfunctions, but there are many other ways for the scale to show that it is about to run out of power 1. If you feel the scale is acting differently than it usually does, changing the batteries is the first thing you should try 1. It frequently solves the problem, and it is far easier and less expensive than purchasing a new scale 1.