How to Cancel a Weight Watchers Membership

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For more than 40 years, Weight Watchers has been giving people tools and tips to lose weight and get healthier, and the program has certainly worked for some people. However, it doesn't work for everyone, and if you've discovered that the program isn't right for you, you'll need to cancel your membership so you're not being charged for services you're not using.

Via the Weight Watchers Website

Go the Weight Watchers home page and log into your account using the username and password that you've always used.

Click on the "my profile" link that takes you to your account, and then click on the box that says "cancel my account."

Read and follow the cancellation instructions that follow, and then watch for a confirmation email to ensure that your account has been canceled.

Cancel by email instead. Log into your account, click on your profile link and find the "email cancel request" link. Click on the link and fill out the information boxes. Once you've provided the necessary information, click on the "submit" link to send the cancellation request. Watch your email inbox for a confirmation email validating your cancellation request. If you're canceling a meeting membership monthly pass, email your request to

Via Postal Mail

Log into your Weight Watchers account and navigate to your profile page.

Click on the link to cancel your account and find the link that allows you to cancel by mail.

Fill out the form that the link sends you to, making sure to fill in all the blanks and check your spelling.

Print out the completed cancellation request and mail it directly to the address listed on the page.

Send a monthly meeting membership cancellation request, including your membership pass ID number, to Weight Watchers North America, PO Box 307, Jericho, NY 11753.

Via Telephone

Dial 1-800-651-6000 to contact a Weight Watchers customer service representative.

Provide the information the representative requests, which can include your full name, address and date of birth. These questions help validate your identity.

Have your Weight Watchers ID number handy because the representative will ask for that, too.

Ask to have your account canceled and make sure the representative gives you a confirmation number after she's canceled the account. Write this confirmation number down. In the event that you continue getting charged, this number is necessary to prove that you've canceled.


The Weight Watchers website provides the quickest way to cancel your account, though it can take up to 72 hours for your request to be fully processed. A cancellation via mail or telephone can take up to two weeks to be fully processed.


If you're taking advantage of a Weight Watchers free trial, you must cancel within that time period, usually seven days, if you don't want to be charged. Therefore, canceling via the website is the appropriate choice for this situation.