How to Write a Youth Group Parent Meeting Letter

Actively involved parents are key to most successful youth ministry programs. Keeping them informed of events and developments is essential to ensure their support and involvement. As a youth group adult leader or youth pastor, it's up to you to strike a welcoming and informative tone in your communication with them, whether in writing or in person. When the need arises to hold a parent meeting, write a friendly, concise letter to inform parents about the meeting -- and include an agenda to enable them to prepare for the meeting.

Set a time and date for the youth group parents meeting, and secure an appropriate venue for the meeting. Put the meeting information on the church calendar and in the newsletter or weekly bulletin to publicize it widely. If you want specific individuals beyond the parents to attend the meeting, such as your pastor, invite them well in advance to ensure they'll be able to participate.

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Draft a short, friendly letter to the parents, inviting them to the meeting 1. If you know all the parents personally, you can use an informal greeting such as "Dear John and Sue" to open your letter. Otherwise, use a greeting such as "Dear Youth Group Parents" or "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

Use your opening paragraph to invite the parents to the meeting, citing the date, time and location for the event. Note that you are including a separate meeting agenda included with the letter. Next, describe the purpose and goals of the proposed meeting. Don't list every item you intend to cover, but highlight the most important issues so parents understand the significance of the meeting and know what to expect. Add more paragraphs as necessary to provide relevant background information on the issues you intend to discuss at the meeting.

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Close your letter by asking the parents to let you know whether or not they can attend, providing your contact information so they can reach you by phone or email. Emphasize the importance of parental involvement in a successful youth ministry program and end by saying that you're looking forward to seeing them at the meeting, hearing their input on the issues and getting to know them better. Use a traditional closing such as "Sincerely," or "Respectfully," followed by four blank lines and your printed name. Sign your name in the blank spaces, above the printed name. If appropriate, you might want to use a closing such as "Yours in Christ," or "In His name."

Create an agenda for your meeting with the parents of youth group members. List agenda items in priority order, to ensure you get to the most important issues first. To ensure the meeting stays on track, assign approximate times for discussion to each agenda items. For example, you might note in your agenda, Introduction of Youth Group Officers (5 minutes), Overview of Upcoming Youth Group Events (15 minutes) and Discussion of Costs and Fundraising for Mission Trip (15 minutes).

Proofread your letter and the meeting agenda. Obtain a current list of youth group members and their parents. Be sure to send each parent a copy of both your letter and the agenda. Send the letter by snail mail to ensure that it goes to your desired recipients directly. Send the letter at least two full weeks prior to the meeting -- and send a one-to-two line email reminder a few days before the meeting date.