Calories in Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble is a dessert that can be high or low in calories, depending on the recipe. Apples themselves are moderate in calories; it's the accompanying ingredients that can pile on the numbers, especially excess fats and sugars.

The Basics

A simple Apple Crumble recipe for four people, from UK Student Life, calls for apples, flour, butter and granulated white and brown sugar. Using USDA calculations, two apples contain 190 cal., 120 g flour has 373 cal., 100 g combined sugars contains 387 cal., and 60 g butter has 432 cal. Thus, the grand total: 1382 cal. Four servings would have 346 cal. each; eight would have 173 cal.

Low Calorie Apple Crumble

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Calorie-rich fats, flours and sugars can all be reduced or replaced. Apple Recipes With Good Taste provides a recipe with only 149 cal. per serving, substituting wheat germ and rolled oats for flour, sugar-substitute instead of sugar, applesauce instead of butter and a single tablespoon of oil. The Daily Burn's radically pared-down recipe totals 123 cal., from a single apple dusted with meusli and 1 tsp. brown sugar.

Medium and High Calorie Versions

The New York Times' moderate-calorie Apple Crumble with a quinoa-oat topping provides 265 cal. per serving. Tender Loving Care posts a count of 396.1 cal. per 170 g serving, thanks largely to the 15.3 g fat and 59.33 g carbohydrate. Remember, you can always "cut" calories by reducing your portion size.