Calories in a Yellow Apple

Yellow apples are not as common as red and green varieties; however, they have the same nutritional value and calories. Apples contain natural sugar and fiber, which makes them a good snack food. Common yellow apple varieties include Golden Delicious, Pippin and Crispin. Yellow apple varieties are not available in all areas.


The caloric value of yellow apples varies based on the size of the apple. An apple with a diameter of approximately 2-1/2 inches has 90 calories. Apples contain no fat or protein that contributes to the total calorie value.


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An apple contains carbohydrates in the form of natural sugars and fiber. Carbohydrates make up 100 percent of a yellow apple’s calories. One apple has approximately 21 g of carbohydrates with 4 g coming from fiber.

Vitamins and Minerals

A single apple contains 10 mg calcium, 10 mg phosphorus, 159 mg potassium and 8 mg vitamin C. These nutrients do not contribute to the total calories in the apple.