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How Does a Zamboni Work?

By Andrea Cespedes

The Zamboni ice resurfacing machine offers some of the best entertainment between periods in ice hockey or skating events. The bottom of the machine holds a sharp 77-inch blade that shaves off a thin layer from the top of the ice. The machine then vacuums up this slush layer and sprayers flush water into any remaining grooves to push out dirt, hair and other debris. It collects this waste and then sprays a fine mist of warm, ice-making water out the back end to create a perfectly smooth new ice surface.

Driving Business

Zamboni is a trademarked name for the ice resurfacing machine, which has a few American and European competitors. Frank Zamboni first effective version of the machine came out in 1949. The machines are currently produced in Paramount, California and Brantford, Ontario. Each is custom built and can take as long as six months to create.

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