The Best Way to Clean a Hockey Helmet Visor

Cleaning Your Visor

Whether it's because it can affect their on-ice vision or they simply don't like the looks of them, many hockey players choose not to attach a full facemask to their helmets. A visor is another easy way to keep yourself protected from wayward sticks or pucks. If that visor isn't properly cleaned and cared for, however, it can get dirty and scratched and can hinder your vision on the ice -- putting you in harm's way.

Many harmful substances can find their way onto your visor during a hockey game -- salt from your sweat, debris from the ice, and dirt from the ice and your other equipment. While it might not seem like that big of a deal, these substances can build up and cause damage to your visor -- something that can be easily avoided through simple home cleaning.

Start by removing your visor from your helmet by removing the two screws from each side of the helmet that hold it in place.

Next, rinse your visor under warm water, using your fingers to lightly rub the water over it. This will help to loosen up the salt and grime that has collected on the visor, making it easier to clean off.

While still running water over the visor, place a small amount of dish soap on your fingers and rub it over the inside and outside of the visor. This will help to remove grease, oil and any other built-up substances from the visor.

After you've completely cleaned the inside and outside of the visor rinse it under the warm water, making sure that all of the dish soap has been rinsed away.

When it comes time to dry your visor, it's best to let nature take its course and the visor to air dry. Start by patting any excess water off of the visor with a soft towel and then placing it on another towel to air dry.


As with virtually anything, people have differing opinions on the best way to clean a visor.

One alternative is a microfiber wiping cloth that allows you to remove the harmful materials from your visor by either wiping it with the cloth while it's wet or by wetting it with water first.

There are also a host of cleaning sprays from companies including Oakley and Pro Guard. With these products, you spray them on the visor until a layer of foam starts to form. You then wipe the foam from the visor using a soft, lint-free cloth.