How Bad Is Sweet Tea Vodka for Your Diet?

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Beverages contain hidden calories that you might not consider when planning a healthy, balanced diet. Drinks are easy to consume in large amounts and often contain sugar, sweeteners and flavorings that are high in calories. Alcoholic beverages such as sweet tea vodka contain calories that might prevent you from losing weight.

Liquid Calories

The U.S. Department of Agriculture describes "liquid calories" as those found in sugar-sweetened beverages such as soft drinks, fruit juices, vegetable juices and alcoholic drinks. Coffee and tea and even unsweetened milk also have added or natural sugars and fats. These calories can impact diet and weight loss; cutting 100 calories a day from beverages can result in a weight loss of about half a pound at six and 18 months. Additionally, eliminating just one 12-ounce serving of a sugar sweetened beverage a day can give you a weight loss of a one pound at six months.


The National Health Service in the United Kingdom reports that alcoholic beverages cause weight gain because of the direct calories they contain and because most people eat unhealthy foods such as chips, fried onion rings, chicken wings and salted peanuts while they are drinking. Additionally, as it is easier to consume large amounts of beverages than it is to eat large amounts of food, it might be harder to notice how much you are having. A glass of wine can add as many calories as eating a slice of cake, and a pint of lager has as many calories as a small sausage roll.


Spirits such as vodka and gin contain fewer calories than wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages. The NHS estimates that a single 24 milliliter serving of vodka has approximately 55 calories. This is equivalent to drinking the same amount of low-fat cream.

Sweet Tea Vodka

Sweet tea vodka is an alcoholic beverage that combines cold sweetened tea with vodka. It may contain other flavors such as lemon, as well. Adding tea and sugar or sweetener provides additional calories to this mix. The total calories in sweet tea vodka depends on how much sweetener and other flavors are added and varies according to the brand. According to alcohol unit calculator on the health site a shot of Firefly Tea Vodka contains 66 calories. Because most people will drink more than one shot, these calories can add up.