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Calories in Margaritas at Chili's

By Joelle DiTucci

Just 4 ounces of a typical margarita has approximately 168 calories, according to Rethinking Drinking, a website of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Chili's offers over a dozen margarita options, and knowing how many calories they contain can help if you are counting calories.

Calories in Chili's Margaritas

Some margaritas at Chili's are made primarily with alcohol and a few squeezes of lime juice, so they end up having between 200 and 300 calories each. These include the 280-calorie Presidente Margarita, the 208-calorie World's Freshest Margarita and the 270-calorie Grand Patron Margarita. However, other margaritas include ingredients such as soda, fruit and fruit juices, or sweet and sour mix, so these may contain even more calories. For example, the Reggae Sunsplash Margarita has about 315 calories, and the El Nino Margarita may have as many as 452 calories. In addition, recipes may vary slightly between bartenders, and restaurants sometimes include unlisted ingredients, so this calorie information may not be 100 percent accurate for all locations.

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