Calories in an Apple Martini

Learn more about the calories and nutritional information in an apple martini - a healthier option as far as mixed drinks are concerned with fewer additives while still packing a punch.

When you meet friends for drinks, it is a healthier choice to select a cocktail with fewer additives like fruit juices as opposed to mixed drinks that load up on the sugar. An apple martini can be a good option because it does not have many additives, yet still packs a punch.


One serving of Apple Martini is reported to have 148 Calories, according to the nutrition facts provided by

Serving Size

One serving of an apple martini is a single cocktail glass-full — usually about four ounces — so it can be easy to gulp down more than one.


Apple martinis pack around the same calorie count as a typical vodka or gin version with a sweeter taste. Each apple martini contains 200 calories, LIVESTRONG's food database MyPlate notes, compared to 190 for a vodka martini and 210 for a gin martini.

If you're counting calories and watching your weight, be mindful of how many drinks you consume. Even if a single drink is low on calories, they can add up fast on a night out when you're having fun.


Martinis do not contain many ingredients beyond alcohol. Alcohol is fairly high in carbohydrates; according to MyPlate, an apple martini contains 24 grams of carbohydrates. Nine of those are grams of sugar.

Alcohol and Weight Loss

For those trying to lose weight, alcohol may not fit in with your goals. Even if you do choose an alcoholic beverage like an apple martini with a relatively low calorie count for a single drink, as your inhibitions are lowered, you may order not only more drinks, but food that you wouldn't normally eat on your diet.

Alcohol additionally messes with your metabolism and the way in which your body burns fat. Instead of metabolizing fat, the liver makes a quick switch to metabolizing alcohol as soon as it's introduced to your system. This can lead to weight gain instead of loss, depending on how much and how often you imbibe.

Moderation is key! If you do enjoy a drink on occasion, please drink responsibly.

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