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What Is the Cost of Medifast?

By Katina Coleman ; Updated July 18, 2017

Medifast is a low-calorie commercial diet. It requires that you consume five Medifast packaged meals along with one lean protein and vegetable meal that you prepare. Purchase meals in 2- or 4-week increments or buy them individually. Weigh the convenience factor of the Medifast diet plan against the actual cost to determine if it represents a good deal. Also, talk to your doctor to determine if the Medifast plan is a safe option for your weight loss goals.

Enhanced 4-Week Plan

Medifast offers 4-week enhanced packages designed for men, women or diabetics. The Medifast meal package consists of a combination of bars, bites, brownies, eggs, pancakes, oatmeal, shakes, drinks, soups, soft serve, pretzels, cheese puffs and pudding. In addition to these pre-packaged meals you receive Essential 1: Heart Health supplements, a combination of essential fatty acids EPA & DHA and omegas-3s. As of August 2011, the 4-week enhanced package costs $341.50. The average cost per day is $12.20 over 28 days.

4-Week Plan

Medifast sells a 4-week package plan without the inclusion of supplements. Package options include gluten-free and plans tailored for men, women and diabetics. As of August 2011, the 4-week package costs $315. The average cost per day of this plan is $11.25 over 28 days.

2-Week Plan

Medifast also provides shorter terms packages for those who don’t want to invest in the product for a full 4 weeks. Two-week packages include all the meal options of the 4-week plan. Similar to the 4-week plan, options also include gluten-free and plans made for men, women and diabetics. As of August 2011, the 2-week package costs $162.50. The average cost of this plan is $11.61 over 14 days.

Individual Products

Medifast sells individual versions of all the Medifast meals. As of August 2011, meal items retailed for $16.50 for seven servings to a box. Special shakes and soft-serve blend packages sell for $39.50 with 21 servings per kit. These packages are also available with the inclusion of a blender for $69.00. Medifast also offers add-ons for the meal plans. Flavor infusers for water are $15.95 to $18.95 with 21 servings in a box. Additional snack options of crackers and soy crisps sell for $4.50 to $6.75 and include seven servings per box. Sugar-free syrup is $4.50 for seven servings in a box.

Additional Costs

If you adhere to the Medifast plan, you will have to purchase additional groceries to prepare your daily meal of a lean meat and vegetables. Shipping costs vary dependent on the size of your order. All orders over $275 qualify for half-price standard shipping. If you sign up for automatic delivery of Medifast products each month, you receive a V.I.P. membership. Membership entitles you to 2 weeks of free food divided over your next two subsequent orders if they total more than $250. Further, after your third order you receive a 5 percent discount on subsequent orders.

Returns and Exchanges

Medifast offers refunds for items returned unopened within 30 days of purchase. You can exchange up to 10 boxes of meals within 30 days of purchase. You can exchange boxes with no more than one packet removed. Dietary supplements are not eligible for exchange. Returns and exchanges require that you contact the Medifast customer service department prior to returning your items.

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