Ingredients of Certo Pectin

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Pectin is a food additive, mainly used as an ingredient for home canning and setting fruit jams and jellies. It is a natural product made from the peel of citrus fruits such as limes and from apples. Kraft Foods manufactures the Certo brand of pectin and sells it in the U.S., UK and Canada. Certo is a liquid pectin formulation. The main difference between this brand of pectin and other available brands is its ingredients.


Certo is the original liquid pectin formula, marketed in the U.S. since 1912, according to the Kraft Foods website. It also requires less time to set than powdered pectin. Liquid pectin sold retail under the Certo brand comes in the form of single-use pouches that contain approximately 6 ounces per packet.

Certo Pectin Base

The main ingredient in Certo brand pectin is fruit pectin, according to the company's website. Kraft Foods' label for Certo does not specify the origin of the pectin in its product. Generally, apples are the source for liquid pectins, such as Certo, according to Oregon State University's Extension Service. Lime and other citrus peels are frequently the source of powdered pectin. The Kraft Canada website states that the Certo pectin marketed in Canada uses lime peels from fruit grown in Mexico. The Kraft UK website indicates that its Certo fruit pectin comes from apples.

Additional Ingredients

Water, listed as the first ingredient on the Certo pectin label, constitutes the largest ingredient by volume. Kraft Foods Certo liquid pectin contains added citric and lactic acid, which help the gel setting process for the fruit used in your recipe. Kraft Foods adds potassium citrate to Certo pectin to control the acidity of the main ingredients. The preservative in Certo pectin is sodium benzoate, generally recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Certo Usage

Kraft Foods provides recipes and instructions for using Certo pectin to create homemade jellies, preserves and jams. The company's website also offers one candy recipe that uses Certo. Certo is not appropriate for use in recipes that call for powdered pectin, according to Kraft Foods. The ingredient proportions in recipes that use Certo have been tested only for the liquid pectin. Kraft Foods and other manufacturers make powdered pectin products that you can use when you want to reduce the sugar in your jellies and preserves or use artificial sweeteners.