Harkins Popcorn Nutrition

Popcorn has a very rich and long history that dates back centuries 1. Popcorn was used widely by the Aztec Indians in the 16th century in ceremonies, as decoration and jewelry, in addition to toasting it until it burst, providing a treat they called pisancalla -- modern day popcorn. Americans consume 17 billion quarts of popped popcorn each year, according to 2011 information from The Popcorn Board 1.

Harkin's Popcorn

Harkins is a movie theater chain with locations throughout the Southwestern United States. Popcorn is among the many snacks available at the Harkins snack bars. A small Harkins popcorn has 5.5 cups of freshly popped popcorn, while a large boasts 16.5 cups.

Calories and Carbohydrates

Harkins popcorn contains 45 calories per cup. A small popcorn with contains 248 calories, while a large size contains about 744 calories. Popcorn is not a good source of vitamins or minerals. The carbohydrate content in a small size popcorn is 27.5 g with 5.5 g of fiber and 82.5 g in a large size with 16.5 g of fiber.

Fat and Protein

Harkins popcorn contains 3 g of fat per cup. A small size popcorn contains 16.5 g of fat, while a large size popcorn contains 49.5 g of fat. The daily recommended fat intake is 25 to 35 g, according to the U.S. Guidelines for Americans 2010 3. Harkins popcorn is not a source of protein.

Buttery Topping

Harkins buttery topping is high in calories and fat 2. One tablespoon contains 130 calories and 14 g of total fat. When purchasing theater popcorn, it's healthier to order it without the butter.