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What Is Nutrilite?

By Sara Ipatenco

Created by Dr. Carl F. Rehnborg, Nutrilite was the first vitamin supplement to hit the market in North America. During the 1920s, Rehnborg realized that people who didn't get enough nutrients in their diet became malnourished, which led to illnesses in many cases. In turn, Rehnborg went to work to create a supplement to treat nutritional deficiencies. In 1934, Nutrilite hit the market and, as of 2014, was sold exclusively through Amway. Always ask your doctor before using Nutrilite supplements to be sure they're right for you.

Vitamin and Mineral Products

Several specific vitamins and minerals are offered in supplement form through Nutrilite. For example, the manufacturer offers calcium supplements that contain the same amount of calcium as 20 ounces of milk, which is more than half of the daily value for the mineral. The calcium supplements also contain magnesium, a mineral that helps regulate your calcium levels. The Bio C Plus is a concentrated amount of vitamin C for immunity support, and the Natural B Complex supplies several B vitamins such as folate, which is essential for the normal growth of unborn babies. The Double X supplement combines several vitamins and minerals, along with beneficial plant materials, in one tablet. The Nutrilite company also offers a protein powder supplement.

Fruit and Vegetable Supplement

The concentrated fruit and vegetable tablets supply many of the phytochemicals you would find in fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, the level of phytochemicals you get in the Nutrilite tablets is equal to "multiple" servings of fruits or vegetables, according to the Nutrilite website. Phytonutrients might help protect your cells from damage caused by exercise and environmental contaminants such as smoke and pollution.

Miscellaneous Products for Adults

Nutrilite markets several weight-loss products that claim to help you shed excess weight. These products include bars, beverages and supplements. The Nutrilite omega-3 supplement supplies the same omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids can help protect you from heart disease. The glucosamine supplement might help support healthy collagen and connective tissues in joints, such as the elbows and the knees. The company claims that the glucosamine product can help improve flexibility and joint movement, but don't use it without your doctor's approval.

Products for Kids

The kids' chewable multivitamin offered under the Nutrilite name supplies the recommended daily amount of several key vitamins and minerals that children need to grow. In fact, the supplement supplies 23 different vitamins and minerals, including calcium and magnesium. The product is marketed for children between the ages of 2 and 12 and doesn't contain artificial ingredients, according to the Nutrilite website.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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