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Top Ten Sport Watches

By Misty Witenberg

It’s time to get serious about your sport watch. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike can benefit from sport-specific features like heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking. With so many watches to choose from, look for the top picks that fit your activities.

Suunto Ambit

This watch earns the top spot on the Men’s Fitness list of Best Sport Watches for Outdoor Sports. Features that let you track your altitude, navigation, speed, heart rate and weather conditions make it ideal for backcountry skiing, mountain climbing and hiking. You’ll also find GPS with waypoint navigation, online planning and analysis and a barometer.

Tom Tom Runner

This personal GPS brand launched a watch specifically for runners that also include personal navigation features for outdoor distance runs. The Runner model lets you track training zones for weight control, performance or speed with the optional heart rate monitor and includes a stride counter to measure pace and distance on a treadmill. The watch is slim with a large display also helped it score it’s place on Techlicious’s list of the five best sport watches.

Nixon Supertide

Another Men’s Fitness favorite, this watch is a top choice for surfers. It comes with data for tide, sunrise and sunset for more than 230 beaches around the world. The high-res digital display screen is easy to read, even on your board, and you can synch it with the motion of the waves to plan for your next ride.

Polar RC3 Training Computer

This running watch gives you speed, distance and routes, as well as your expected finishing time to keep pushing you to improve. The Zone Optimizer mode will adjust your heart rate zone for each training system, using your physiological condition, and it includes a personal navigation system. This watch ranked in Tech Radar’s list of best GPS running watches.

Highgear XT7

Men's Fitness recommends the XT7 for mountain climbers and hikers. This watch has an altimeter, GPS and barometer to keep you out of storms. You’ll also be able to monitor your heart rate and track speed, distance and pace.

Garmin Swim

Made specifically for the pool, this watch logs laps, determines which strokes you used and records pace, distance and calories burned. The Swim received high marks from Gadgetwise, a "New York Times" blog.

Timex Ironman Sleek 150-Lap

An affordable, multisport model, the Ironman Sleek 150-Lap won for Consumer Search’s best basic sport watch. This newest generation of Ironman Sleek has TapScreen technology that allows you to start and stop your workout timer with a tap of your finger. You’ll also find interval timers, and hydration and nutrition alarms. The watch is water resistant for up to 100 meters and includes lap data storage.

Garmin Forerunner 410

This watch is filled with training features for the serious athlete. Track your pace, distance and heartrate or work with the Virtual Partner for wireless data upload, customized workouts and pace and distance alerts. Consumer Search listed the Forerunner 410 as one of the best sport watches.

Columbia Switchback

Serious hikers will appreciate this sturdy watch’s Trakbak technology, according to Men's Fitness, as it reverses your coordinate 180 degrees so you can get back to your starting point. The Switchback reads the temperature, and has a 50-lap memory, 10-run data storage and a chronograph.

Adidas AdiPowerTR

Ideal for cardio training, running and soccer, this watch has a start lap, training and interval timer, along with 100-lap memory and chronograph. The referee function on this model has multiple stopwatch and timing applications, according to Men's Fitness.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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