Scandishake Nutrition Information

Scandishake, made by Axcan Pharma, Inc., is a calorie-dense nutritional supplement intended to promote weight gain for medically compromised individuals. Liquids tends to be an optimal source of additional calories for individuals in need of weight gain because they require less energy to consume than solids. A supplement concentrated in calories yields maximal nutrition with minimal volume and effort. Such characteristics are what make Scandishake a favorable weight gain supplement.


One serving of Scandishake is reported to have 430 Calories, according to the nutrition facts provided by

Serving Information

Scandishake flavors include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla and they come packaged as a powder in individual 3-oz. envelopes. The powder is usually mixed with 8 oz. of whole milk, although it can also be incorporated in other recipes, like casseroles. Lactose-free envelopes and envelopes sweetened with aspartame rather than sugar are available in chocolate and vanilla flavors. The lactose-free envelopes can easily be mixed with 8 oz. of soy or lactose-free milk. Scandishake is also gluten free.

Calories, Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates

A single Scandishake envelope mixed with 8 oz. of whole milk provides a total of 600 calories, 14 g of protein, 62 g of carbohydrates and 29 g of fat, with 13 g of saturated fat. The high fat content is what allows Scandishake to provide so many calories in such a small volume. Contributing to the carbohydrate content are 3 g of dietary fiber and 18 g of sugar.

Vitamins and Minerals

Scandishake is marketed as a weight gain or weight maintenance supplement, not a meal replacement, so the micronutrient content is not as high as other liquid supplements. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, a single chocolate Scandishake envelope mixed with 8 oz. of whole milk contributes 28 percent potassium, 10 percent sodium, 4 percent vitamin C, 6 percent vitamin A, 40 percent calcium, 15 percent iron and 50 percent phosphorus. The flavor of a Scandishake influences the micronutrient content to a negligible degree.


Scandishake may be available for purchase at local pharmacies or grocery stores. It can also be purchased from a variety of online retailers, including the Axcan Pharma, Inc. online store. The shake mix comes in boxes of four or 24 envelopes each or as a case of nine four-envelope pack boxes. The beverage with which you would mix the Scandishake packet must be bought separately.