Pro-Stat 101 Nutrition Information

Pro-Stat 101 is a protein-based nutrition supplement, manufactured by Medical Nutrition USA, that provides a concentrated, liquid source of all essential amino acids. The product comes in butter pecan, natural, wild cherry and grape flavors, which add to the product’s appeal and convenience. Before using a protein supplement like Pro-Stat 101, be sure to first talk with your doctor or dietitian to determine if it is an appropriate product for you to use.

Caloric Distribution

Pro-Stat 101 provides 101 calories per 1-oz. serving, or 2 tbsp. Each serving provides 10.2g carbohydrate, all of which is provided by sugar, as well as 15g protein. Approximately 40 percent of the calories in Pro-Stat 101 come from sugar, while 60 percent come from protein. The sugar in Pro-Stat 101 is in the form of fructose, and the product is also sweetened with sucralose.


The 15g of protein per serving provides 30 percent of the recommended daily value. The protein source is hydrolyzed kosher collagen protein, along with additional amounts of the amino acid L-tryptophan. Pro-Stat 101 includes all essential, non-essential and conditionally essential amino acids. Each serving contains 8.55g arginine, which is an amino acid that has been shown to promote wound healing, according to Because the protein in Pro-Stat 101 is hydrolyzed, the body is able to absorb and utilize it faster and more efficiently.


Pro-Stat 101 provides very small quantities of three essential minerals--sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Each serving contains 14.5mg sodium, 15.6mg potassium and 5.9mg phosphorus. Each of these amounts are less than 1 percent of the recommended daily value. Pro-Stat 101 contains no other minerals and does not contain vitamins.


For persons who are at nutritional risk, a single daily 1-oz. dose is recommended. Increased frequency of two to three daily doses is indicated in persons with weight loss, poor appetite or low albumin. Individuals with pressure ulcers are advised to take two to three doses until healed, followed by a daily dose to prevent recurrence. Persons with cancer or AIDS may require up to four doses per day.


Pro-Stat 101 may be taken either orally or via a feeding tube. The product’s consistency is honey-like, which makes it easier to swallow for individuals with swallowing difficulties than water-consistency liquids. If taken via feeding tube, the tube should be flushed with 30 to 60 ml water before administration and another 30 ml water after administration.