Different Ways to Make Money as a Personal Trainer

iDifferent Ways to Make Money as a Personal Trainer

Make more money as a personal trainer by teaching in-home sessions, offering boot camps, creating online workouts and gaining other certifications.

Personal training is considered a luxury for some, but for others it's a necessity. Personal trainers help people realize their goals and change their lifestyle to incorporate fitness and nutrition in order to reach optimum health. There are several different ways for trainers to market their services so they can make money and expand their clientele.

In-home Personal Training

Aside from training in the gym, trainers can build clientele on their own and travel to their clients' homes or jobs. Clients are more willing to pay a little more money than they would pay at a gym for convenience and privacy. The trainer is able to make more money upfront because she doesn't have to share a percentage with a gym. In addition, the cost to commute to clients is far less expensive than paying overhead for a training studio. The best part of providing in-home personal training services is that you get to set your prices and control how payments are made to you.

Boot Camps

Not everyone can afford one-on-one personal training. A great way to make quick cash and expand your client base is to host boot camps. Boot camps can be organized in an indoor facility or outdoors at a park. Depending on your community rules, you may be able to host a boot camp at the park for a small fee or at no additional cost.

Draw enough of a crowd to your boot camp and you can make a lot of extra cash. You can use the boot camp to market your one-on-one personal training sessions to group class attendees who may need some more personalized attention.

Personalized Workouts and Meal Plans

Personal training isn't just about taking a client through a workout. It's about designing an effective program that's geared toward the client's fitness goals, including nutrition and lifestyle components.

For those who can't afford personal training or who can only attend a limited number of sessions, you can create and sell personalized workout and nutrition programs for people to use on their own. These might include detailed daily exercise and meal plans. You may offer consultation by phone or email. If you are going to include nutrition guidance, you should first seek certification in nutrition counseling

Write Health and Fitness Articles

During your down time, you can use your exercise knowledge and writing skills to generate income. Many trainers start their own blogs, which is a good way to reach an audience that may also wish to purchase personal training sessions or workout/meal plans. Create a website and fill it with quality content you think would benefit others. Use social media to reach a wider audience and get people to visit your website.

Another way to keep your mind focused on fitness, along with making money, is to write fitness-related articles for an online fitness site, newspaper or health publication. This keeps you fresh with the latest news regarding health and fitness, markets your name and builds credibility.

Invest in Yourself

Consider becoming certified in multiple disciplines. For example, you might seek specialized training in weight loss, rehabilitation or working with pregnant women. You can also seek other certifications that enable you to teach yoga, Pilates or Zumba. The wider your skill set, the more opportunities you'll have for branching out, generating income and meeting potential clients.