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How to Treat a Salicylic Acid Burn

By Contributing Writer

How to Treat a Salicylic Burn

Stop using the salicylic acid product. If you believe that a salicylic acid product is the cause of your skin irritation, stop using the product immediately. Do not attempt to continue to use the product because your skin will get worse until the burn is treated.

Pick up over-the-counter antihistamines and pain killers. A burn of any kind can cause unbearable pain and discomfort. In order to reduce the side effects of the salicylic burn, use over-the-counter products such as Benadryl and Tylenol to reduce pain and discomfort.

Apply hydrocortisone topically. Go to your local drug store and pick up topical hydrocortisone. Apply it to your rash. This will help with the constant itching and burning.

Contact your doctor. Once you’ve temporarily subdued the pain caused by your salicylic rash, contact your family doctor immediately. He or she may want to bring you in to the office to take a closer look at the rash or prescribe antibiotics.

Switch to a mild cleanser. If you are using a harsh cleansing product on your skin, this in combination with salicylic acid can cause severe irritation. Often times, if an individual is using salicylic acid to treat acne, he or she may be using a cleanser that also contains salicylic acid. While some individuals can tolerate using both products, many individuals can’t.

Decrease the frequency that you use salicylic acid. If you’ve tried all of the methods listed above and are still experiencing irritation and burning from the salicylic, try decreasing the frequency that you use salicylic acid. For example, instead of using it daily, try using it every other day or every two days. This should help reduce the irritation and burning you may have experienced. Good luck!

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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