How to Get Rid of a Bruise From Cellulitis

Knowing how to treat cellulitis bruises can make the condition less obvious. Cellulitis can be a serious skin condition caused by bacteria getting under the skin. Treated quickly, cellulitis isn't dangerous 1. The biggest problem is the bruised, red, swollen skin that it causes. Following a few simple steps can help your bruise heal faster.

Put an ice pack on the bruise. If you don't have an ice pack, you can put ice cubes in a plastic zipper bag. Wrap the ice pack in a clean towel and apply to the bruise for 20 minutes.

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Elevate the bruised area. Keeping the bruise elevated will restrict the blood flow to the bruise, limiting the swelling and blood clots that cause bruising.

Apply heat if the bruise is painful. Put a heating pad or warm towel on the area. This will help relax the muscles and dull the pain. You can also take a pain reliever.


Always use clean towels when treating bruises caused by cellulitis. Because this condition is caused by bacteria, using clean towels will lessen the risk of further infection.


If the bruise remains painful or looks to be infected, see you doctor immediately.