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Careers in Bodybuilding Supplements

By Jeremy Hoefs ; Updated June 13, 2017

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires a detailed training program and strict nutrition plan. Many successful bodybuilders use various supplements from a wide range of companies. Each company has a team of professionals who perform job categories including research and development, product testing, marketing and sales with support staff working in the warehouse, human resources or customer service departments. Gaining a career with a bodybuilding supplement company requires a specific background depending on the job responsibilities.


New bodybuilding supplements start with the research and development team experimenting with ingredients, mixtures and products. Careers in this department typically require a research, science or pharmaceutical background and the ability to test products for purity while meeting certain legal requirements.


After the research and development team releases a prototype supplement or sample, field testers take the supplement and are monitored for any side effects or benefits. This job, however, may be offered sporadically, based on the individual company and number of new products in development. Background requirements will vary based on the nature of the test and may or may not require bodybuilding or fitness experience.


Marketing and advertising the new bodybuilding supplements is essential to the overall success of the product. With the advancement of the Internet, many supplement marketers have additional job responsibilities relating to online marketing along with the traditional bodybuilding and fitness magazines. Background and experience typically include a degree in marketing, advertising, business or web development.


Supplement companies use a team of sales professionals to visit retailers and potential customers or clients. Typical job titles include inside sales, route sales driver or purchasing agent with required experience of two to five years of sales experience. Additional job responsibilities may include covering a regional territory and developing a strategic sales plan based on the products and target customer.

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