Calories Burned From Chain Sawing

iMiroha141/iStock/Getty Images

To lose weight, it is important to expend more calories than you consume. Many everyday activities require physical effort, which will cause you to burn calories. This includes performing yard work or brush clearing with heavy machinery, such as a chainsaw.


Several factors contribute to the number of calories a person burns while performing an activity, such as his weight, the amount of effort required and the time spent working. Regular exercise will improve your fitness level, which will provide more energy for performing activities such as yard work.


A person weighing 145 lbs. will burn 165 calories over 30 minutes of performing yard work with a piece of heavy machinery, such as a chainsaw. By comparison, a person weighing 185 lbs. will burn 210 calories when performing the same activity.


Exercise caution when using a chainsaw or other piece of heavy machinery. If you begin to feel lightheaded or dizzy as a result of your exertions, stop working immediately and rest.