Golf Buddy Operating Instructions

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In the good old days a golfer had to use a manual rangefinder to check the distance to the hole on a course, or simply learn it by playing. GolfBuddy manufactures a variety of GPS rangefinder gadgets for golfers that stores course information for about 36,000 golf courses. GolfBuddy products are handheld or worn like a watch, and there's even one that talks to you.

Golfbuddy Operating Basics

Turn the Golfbuddy on to automatically locate a satellite and the course you're playing. Proceed to a course tee box to start and press the "Mark" button, or swipe the screen, to bring up a "measuring distance screen" that gives you the distance to the next hole. Tap the course layout on the touchscreen for a dynamic green view that shows you front, back and center approaches to the hole, plus the distances to each.

Read The Manual or Watch The Video

Some users may find it easier to watch a video demonstrating how to use a GolfBuddy. GolfBuddy's website has a visual guide to the VT3 rangefinder, which uses touchscreen technology. Just click the "How It Works" button. You'll also find more instructional videos in the "Videos" section. If you lose your GolfBuddy operating instructions, the company website has a library of downloadable instructions in the "Support" section.