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Am-300 Diet Supplement Pills

By Austin Millet ; Updated July 18, 2017

AM-300 is an herbal weight loss supplement produced by AMS Health Sciences. The diet pill is claimed by vendors to be effective in increasing energy and burning fat without a necessary dietary change, though critics express doubts. AM-300 is moderately priced and somewhat popular with consumers. As with all dietary supplements, AM-300 is meant to be taken in conjunction with exercise.


AM-300's primary ingredients are Advantra-Z, guarana, and green tea extracts. According to Slimming Pills Review, Advantra-Z is the patented version of bitter orange extract, and is often considered by dietary scientists to be a less-effective ephedra. Guarana and green tea extracts, according to the Flex Belt, are rich in caffeine, which is included in AM-300 to increase energy and burn fat quickly. AM-300 also contains ingredients to suppress appetite, such as CitriMax and ingredients for pain relief wuch as white willow extract.


AM-300 is allegedly effective in curbing appetite, increasing the rate at which fat is burned, and raising energy. According to the Flex Belt, AM-300 is blended to "teach" white fat deposits to behave and burn off more easily, as does brown fat. The high levels of caffeine in AM-300 also suit the supplement well to morning use. The manufacturers of AM-300 have received criticism from some diet supplement reviewers, such as Slimming Pills Review, for claiming the pill does not necessitate a change in diet.

Effects of Ingredients

Advantra-Z is a supplement that, according to the Flex Belt, is capable of suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism. The caffeine in AM-300 is intended to raise energy and increase the effectiveness of Advantra-Z. AM-300 also contains multiple ingredients with pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties for the benefit of those with tough workout plans and routines.


Some of the side effects of AM-300 include headache, muscle pains, and cold-like symptoms, such as a sore throat. Long-term effects include insomnia and raised blood pressure. According to Slimming Pills Review, many of these negative effects come from the Advantra-Z in AM-300, which is similar to Bitter Orange Extract in its dangerous side effects and health concerns. The customer reviews on the Slimming Pills Review listing for AM-300 all mention sickness interfering with exercise routines and ruining the experience of taking the supplement.

Response to AM-300

The critical response to AM-300 has been for the most part negative. According to Diet-Supplements.com, AM-300 is to be avoided for the health risks associated with the supplement —benign though they may be —as well as the price, the lack of a money-back guarantee, and unclear levels of ingredients within the supplement. Slimming Pills Review also cites side effects as a reason to avoid AM-300 and stick to a more proven supplement.

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