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Low-Sugar Diet

By Janet Renee

If you're like most Americans, you consume too much sugar. Your body needs sugar, but over time, consuming too much can lead to issues such as insulin resistance, weight gain and type-2 diabetes. Your doctor may recommend a low-sugar diet if you need to lose weight, lower your triglycerides or help manage your diabetes. A restricted-sugar diet not only limits sugars but emphasizes lean protein, healthy fats and good carbs, such as vegetables and fruit.

The Bitter Truth

A low-sugar diet focuses on limiting added sugars, particularly those found in processed and junk foods. If you're just getting started, limit added sugars to 100 calories per day if you are female and 150 calories for men. Tips for reducing your sugar intake include cutting back on foods such as cookies and cakes and eating more fruits and vegetables. Replace sugar when baking with extracts such as vanilla and almond. Cut down on sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks. Replace sugary breakfast items with foods such as oatmeal with fresh cut fruit. By making gradual, continuous changes, you can reach your goal of eating less sugar.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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