Herbal Remedies for Cervical Inflammation

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The cervix is the narrow outer end of the uterus that protects viral infections from entering the fallopian tubes and the uterus. If the cervix is infected or inflamed, it can become weak and reduce its ability to shield the productive organs from viral infections and bacteria. In many cases a woman may be unaware of cervical issues until internal exams are done. There are some herbal remedies that can help you to treat cervical inflammation. You should seek your doctor’s advice on which herbal remedies are the best.

Aloe Vera

Cervical inflammation can lead to swelling, bleeding, and reddening of the cervix which may cause itching of your genitals and applying aloe Vera on a daily for 2 to 3 weeks if the irritation continues (see reference 1). Seek your doctor’s direction before using Aloe Vera for cervical inflammation.

Vitamin B-2

Vitamin B-2 is an essential vitamin that prevents the development of cancerous cells on the cervix, decreases cervical inflammation, prevents the damage of cervical tissues, lowers the risk of cervical dysplasia, according to the WHO’s (World Health Organisation) book, “Comprehensive Cervical Cancer -Control”, eating foods that contain Vitamin B-2 can help to treat cervical inflammation (see reference 2 ). Herbal foods rich in Vitamin B-2 include mushrooms, almonds, and sardines.

Chinese Vaginal Douche

Most chemical irritation from devices can cause cervical inflammation (see reference 3). Due to this, an herbal treatment such as the Chinese Vaginal Douche Formula can help you to treat cervical inflammation. This formula treats simple vaginal itching with few applications of topical bath. The Chinese vaginal douche formula is also useful offering relief from cervical itching; foul odor, discomfort when urinating, vaginal discharge, and irritation (see reference 3). Other herbal Chinese medicines that can treat cervical inflammations include Yudai wan and the Tri-snake itching removing pills (see reference 3) however, ask your physician before you try it.

Guava leaves

Guava leaves can be used to treat some diseases like diarrhea, bleeding gums as well as bad breath. Use decoction from the leaf and apply it on the vagina as a douche for cervical infections which may lead to cervical inflammation (see reference 4). It also treats vaginal discharges and helps to tone and tighten the vaginal walls (see reference 4). Since vaginal discharge can cause vaginal infections, you can use the guava decoction to avoid the discharge.