Assembly Instructions for the Weider Pro Weight Machine

Weider makes a wide range of strength-training equipment and has been in the business for over 50 years. Weider sells a number of home gym weight machines that you have to assemble yourself 1. There are numerous models of Weider Pro weight machines, including the Weider Pro 8900 weight machine, Weider Pro 4950 Weight System and Weider Pro 6900 Weight System. Each machine has different components and needs to be assembled differently. You must follow the assembly instructions for your specific machine.

Obtain the assembly instructions for your Weider machine. Instructions are available online.

Unpack your Weider Pro weight machine. Check all the parts against the itemized list in the manual and make sure you have everything.

Collect the tools required for assembly. These are listed in the manual and will generally include a Phillips screwdriver, a regular screwdriver, crescent wrenches, a rubber mallet and sometimes grease or petroleum jelly.

Assemble your machine by following the assembly instructions. Normally, this starts with the base and the upright frames, adding arm attachments like lat bars or butterfly arms, setting up cables and pulleys and then adding benches, seats and other add-ons.


Do not try and assemble your machine using the manual for a different model.